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Upphovsman: Eliran Ouzan

Eliran Ouzan är en av HostAdvices medgrundare och designer och är dessutom ägare av Moonshot Marketing, ett ledande företag som designar och utvecklar för webben. Eliran har god kännedom om vad som definierar ett bra webbhotell.

Gutenberg Editor Released: Preview of WordPress 5.0

Gutenberg Editor Released: Preview of WordPress 5.0

New Content Creation Process Designed to Build Dynamic WordPress Pages Around Blocks

Automattic released a new editor for WordPress web page creation this week as the company prepares to launch a full version upgrade of the CMS this fall. WordPress is the most popular platform in the world for web publishing with an estimated total of 30% of all websites on the internet using the script. The changes introduced with the new Gutenberg editor will affect millions of active users, many of whom are unskilled in the technical issues of web development. One of the most common problems in new software launches is change aversion, which is one reason why platforms with extremely large user communities like gMail, Word, Facebook, etc. keep their popular services standardized for long periods of time. While the Gutenberg editor is relatively easy to use and intuitive, the transition to a new content creation process will undoubtedly upset a few people initially before they learn to operate it. As a consequence, Automattic is making it easy to continue using the old editor for any website publishers unwilling to make the change. Because Gutenberg is an open source project, it has already been ported to work with the Drupal CMS as well. What remains to be seen is how much conflict the new format will have with third-party themes, widgets, & plugins which build around custom-coded solutions. The new Gutenberg editor gives WordPress users an advanced preview of the changes coming with the new WP 5.0 platform release, and is currently available to install on all active websites through the administration panel with one click.


Is FastComet Too Good To Be True?

A Complete Review Of FastComet

Having a great website host can make or break your website. A reliable host will always provide outstanding customer service, fast speeds, and high up-time speeds. One of the best out there is FastComet, even for people who are just starting out on their website journey.

FastComet was started in the early 2000s and switched to cloud hosting within the last five years. They have servers located throughout the world in Tokyo, Singapore, Amsterdam, London, Newark, Dallas, Chicago, and Frankfurt. That means you won’t experience increased ping time and slow page loading speeds based on your location.

Currently, FastComet has thousands of clients in over 100 countries in the world, and it is clear to see why. They offer a generous amount of features for the price, around-the-clock customer service, and they exclusively use SSD drives on their service. Plus, FastComet is incredibly easy to get set up, and usually, it only takes a few clicks to get your website up and running.

We will dive into all the different components of FastComet so you can judge for yourself if FastComet is one of the best in the business.


Some of the Most Useful WordPress Plugins

Right now, there are more than 56,000 plugins on WordPress. There quite literally is a plugin for anything you could think of including a plugin that makes your page do a barrel roll, an Asteroids Widget (throwback!), or a plugin that will add Darth Vader quotes on your website. It can be pretty tricky finding the right on for you and your WordPress site. Here are a few of our favorites!


Start A Blog In 5 Easy Steps

After weeks or months of thinking of the perfect idea for your blog, you finally have it! You know what the theme will be, the different types of posts you will have, even how often you want to post. The only thing missing is starting the blog!

Blogging is one of the most popular ways of communicating nowadays. In 2016, 67 million people blogged on blogging sites. If you are a small business and have a blog, you could be seeing a 126% increase in leads generation!


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