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Skriven av: Craig Timmins

A2 Hosting betyg

  • Pålitlighet
    8.5 / 10
  • Priser
    8.5 / 10
  • Användarvänligt
    8.5 / 10
  • Support
    8.5 / 10
  • Funktioner
    8.5 / 10
i betyg av Craig Timmins

6 välpaketerade och prisvärda webbhotellsplaner

A2 Hosting erbjuder totalt 6 olika paket som sträcker sig från delat värdskap till dedikerade servrar. Regelbundet erbjuder de även rabatter för att locka till sig kunder och hjälpa sina användare att spara pengar. Detta webbhotell passar inte alla. De riktar främst in sig på Wordpress-, Drupal- och Joomla-system och erbjuder priser som hamnar någonstans i mitten i jämförelse med andra webbhotell. Varför välja A2 Hosting?

  • Kvalificerad kundtjänst
  • Konkurrenskraftiga priser
  • Pålitligt och användarvänligt
  • Återställningsverktyg

Vill du veta ifall A2 Hosting passar dig? Låt oss ta reda på det.



A Fully Reliable Service, Fully Secured

They state a 99.9% uptime guarantee which is dynamically updated over time so you can go back and check the historic performances of the servers. They are totally transparent here which is a massive confidence boost to potential customers. When you sign-up with an A2 Hosting plan you benefit from a reliable server setup which includes their own rollback tool which allows you to essentially restore your website to a previous date. The servers are all monitored and secured to the highest standards and are located in a data centre based in Michigan. There you will find redundant power, diesel generators, air conditioning and tight security to gain access to the premises.



Plenty of Features to Keep You Busy

For shared hosting customers you get a lot of bang for your buck, as you will gain access to unlimited features, tools and free extras. Even in the cheapest plan, the Prime, you will get unlimited transfer, email addresses, domains, databases, and RAID-10 storage. A2 Hosting will even transfer your site for free and offer you a 30-day money back guarantee. CPanel is also available across all packages to enable you complete control over your site and hosting.



Qualified Support Staff

The support line at A2 Hosting is good, you are provided a quality of service that you would expect from such a great company. All the support staff are based in the US and are all qualified developers, so getting answers to tech problems should be a breeze for you. Support is available 24/7/365 through live chat, support emails and telephone numbers, and also through a ticket system. They are also present on Twitter but you will find that interaction is pretty slow here, so you are advised to go through the other mentioned options.

  • 24/7/365 support
  • Live chat for sales
  • Knowledge Base
  • Ticket System
  • Qualified Staff
  • No free telephone support outside USA.



Fairly Competitive Pricing Structure

For each web hosting package comes a set of sub-plans that provide a different level of service. In the shared web hosting package you are given two main plans which are Prime and Prime+SSD. The Prime plan comes in at £3.02 per month whilst the top tier is £4.54 per month. These prices are pretty much in-line with most hosting companies, so you will find competitive prices across the board. A2 Hosting’s reseller plans start at £6.02 and rise up to £16.07, whilst cloud hosting can be completely customisable to your budget and start at just under £10.

User Friendly


A Pleasure to Use, A2 Hosting Understand Usability

The A2 Hosting site is so easy to use and navigate around, you won’t have a hard time finding out what solution is right for you and where you can sign-up. Everything is clearly labelled and well presented on every page. Add to that the fact that they offer the latest version of CPanel with shared hosting, reseller accounts and VPS solutions and you are laughing. One unique usability point that we did find was the fact that A2 Hosting offer a unique rollback tool that you can access in CPanel, to essentially roll your site back to previous state.


A Reliable & Competitively Priced Hosting Comapany

There are not many bad points to mention about A2 Hosting they are generally a solid and reliable hosting provider that can help individuals, small, medium and even large companies with competitive hosting solutions and prices. The support, reliability and features offered are all above average and the unique rollback tool in CPanel is definitely a massive plus point for those who have a keen interest in site backups and being able to easily and efficiently restore their site to a previous time. Pros

  • Good prices and features
  • Site roll-back tool
  • Unlimited options and tools
  • Trained support staff


  • No toll-free number outside USA
  • Prices are good, but aren't the lowest

We had our Secret Shopper compare A2Hosting to 4 other leading hosting companies to check how easy it is to cancel an account. They have the easiest and best cancellation process. Watch this video to learn more.


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Kundernas betyg för A2 Hosting

  • Pålitlighet
    9.5 / 10
  • Priser
    9.2 / 10
  • Användarvänligt
    9.3 / 10
  • Support
    9.5 / 10
  • Funktioner
    9.5 / 10

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Michael Hammond
  • Pålitlighet 10
  • Priser 10
  • Användarvänligt 10
  • Support 10
  • Funktioner 10

I wish i had swiytched years ago.

Använd tjänst: Delade servrar
I wish i had switched years ago. I have been with another hosting company for 15 years.
The support staff is awesome. When i contacted my original hosting company they gave very little support and always tried to up sell somethin...Läs mer
aviel edr
  • Pålitlighet 10
  • Priser 4.0
  • Användarvänligt 10
  • Support 2.0
  • Funktioner 10

Great servers & fast.. everything is good untill you need their support

Använd tjänst: Återförsäljare
I like the A2HOSTING server they are speed and stable. and don;'t have memory and other issues i experienced in other hosts.

But and there is HUGE BUT .

there support is huge dissapoint. you can wait up to 10 min to get resp...Läs mer


Service Prisklass
Delat webbhotell 32 kr - 88 kr Se paket
Virtuella privata servrar 41 kr - 539 kr Se paket
Dedikerade servrar 813 kr - 2 371 kr Se paket
Molnserver 123 kr - 205 kr Se paket
Tjänsterna & priserna är tagna från www.a2hosting.com

A2 Hosting Pris, paket & funktioner - 2017

Delade webbhotellspaket

Paketnamn Diskutrymme Bandbredd Antal sajter Pris
Lite Obegränsat Obegränsat Obegränsat 32 kr
Lite - Windows Obegränsat Obegränsat Obegränsat 40 kr
Swift Obegränsat Obegränsat Obegränsat 40 kr
Swift - Windows Obegränsat Obegränsat Obegränsat 48 kr
Turbo Obegränsat Obegränsat Obegränsat 76 kr
Turbo - Windows Obegränsat Obegränsat Obegränsat 88 kr


Paketnamn Diskutrymme CPU RAM OS Pris
Entry - Unmanaged 20 GB 1 kärna 512 MB 41 kr
Mid - Unmanaged 30 GB 1 kärna 1 GB 82 kr
Top - Unmanaged 50 GB 4 kärnor 1 GB 123 kr
Power+ 75 GB 4 kärnor 4 GB 270 kr
Power+ 75 GB 4 kärnor 4 GB 270 kr
Prestige+ 100 GB 6 kärnor 6 GB 377 kr
Pinnacle+ 150 GB 8 kärnor 8 GB 539 kr

Dedikerade serverpaket

Paketnamn Diskutrymme CPU RAM OS Pris
Sprint - Unmanaged 1000 GB 2 x 3.10GHz 8 GB 813 kr
Exceed - Unmanaged 1000 GB 4 x 2.40GHz 8 GB 1 355 kr
Mach - Unmanaged 2 TB 12 x 2.10GHz 16 GB 2 032 kr
Sprint - Managed 1000 GB 2 x 3.10GHz 8 GB 1 152 kr
Exceed - Managed 1000 GB 4 x 2.40GHz 8 GB 1 694 kr
Mach - Managed 2 TB 12 x 2.10GHz 16 GB 2 371 kr


Paketnamn Diskutrymme CPU RAM Bandbredd Pris
Start 10 GB 2 x 0.60GHz 512 MB Obegränsat 123 kr
Median 10 GB 2 x 0.60GHz 1 GB Obegränsat 164 kr
Ace 25 GB 2 x 0.60GHz 1 GB Obegränsat 205 kr


amsterdam Singapore Southfield

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