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  • Pålitlighet
    6.8 / 10
  • Priser
    7.6 / 10
  • Användarvänligt
    7.5 / 10
  • Support
    7.0 / 10
  • Funktioner
    6.8 / 10

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Salifv M
Förenade Arabemiraten
  • Pålitlighet 6.0
  • Priser 8.0
  • Användarvänligt 6.0
  • Support 6.0
  • Funktioner 8.0

IT was very very OKAY

Använd tjänst: Delade servrar - Value
Moved from Hostinger
Actually I just bought this. I wasnt expecting full cPanel. It came. But after i bought my domain was activated Just instantly.
Good till now

After 2 hour

when i visit my cpanel login
The cpanel login has went down

So i...Läs mer
Joseph Smith
  • Pålitlighet 2.0
  • Priser 8.0
  • Användarvänligt 2.0
  • Support 2.0
  • Funktioner 2.0

Hosting fraud site with no mechanism to report it

Använd tjänst: Delade servrar
Namecheap is hosting a fraud site called I tried contacting namecheap to report this domain for fraud but they have no email, phone number, or other mechanism through which to report fraudulent activity and scammers.
user avatar
Perky Rabbit
Masihi Media
  • Pålitlighet 10
  • Priser 10
  • Användarvänligt 10
  • Support 8.0
  • Funktioner 10

Best Hosting and Affordable For Samll to Medium Sized WordPress Websites

Använd tjänst: Delade servrar
Moved from HostGator
If you are looking for affordable starter hosting package then nothing is better than NAMECHEAP in the market. SSD Storage with Great Features+Email Account Service with Cpanel and ability to add upto 3 add-on domains in only 13$ for a whole year. I am loving it.
Nathaniel  Gildersleeve
  • Pålitlighet 2.0
  • Priser 2.0
  • Användarvänligt 2.0
  • Support 2.0
  • Funktioner 2.0

Very Poor Customer Service

Använd tjänst: Delade servrar - Value
For some reason I could not log on to my account. I opened a customer support ticket(you can do that without logging on). However, I can't read any response to the ticket without logging on. It's been over 48 hours. When I email t...Läs mer
user avatar
John Okosun
I don't agree with that not a single bit.

While working on my new site, name cheap support helped me with everything.

Their support is superb I even had to mark them good for customer services will writing my review

See i...Läs mer
user avatar
Very poor customer service, they don’t even have phone number to call.
john walker
  • Pålitlighet 2.0
  • Priser 6.0
  • Användarvänligt 6.0
  • Support 2.0
  • Funktioner 4.0

john walker

Använd tjänst: Delade servrar - Value
Hello i got 2 domains and a shared hosting on namecheap the namecheap was good but after like 2 month my account got hacked the hacker change my email to another email and i dont even receive mail from them for email change , My p...Läs mer
user avatar
Ya, sometimes their support sucks, but it's much better than some hosting company like hostnine(DON'T go there). As I can see your situation, you can just simply change your dns (if you're not purchasing the domain from namecheap), then you can switch to any hosting provider.
user avatar
john walker
i do
Geeky AK
  • Pålitlighet 4.0
  • Priser 8.0
  • Användarvänligt 8.0
  • Support 2.0
  • Funktioner 2.0

Stay away

Stay away from easywp. I have worst experience with this. All was working fine with many downtimes. I decided to use SSL and that proved wrong. I site went down for 3 days and even after several tickets and live chats the problem is not solved. Destroyed my ranking, traffic and hardwork.


Service Prisklass
Delat webbhotell 8 kr - 175 kr Se paket
Virtuella privata servrar 175 kr - 613 kr Se paket
Dedikerade servrar 867 kr - 3 329 kr Se paket
Tjänsterna & priserna är tagna från

Namecheap Expertrecension 2018

Skriven av: Michael Lavnduski

Namecheap betyg

  • Pålitlighet
    9 / 10
  • Priser
    8 / 10
  • Användarvänligt
    8.5 / 10
  • Support
    9 / 10
  • Funktioner
    8.5 / 10
i betyg av Michael Lavnduski
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Domain Registration and Web Hosting

NameCheap's main service is domain registration, but they also provide good quality website hosting as well. They have been in business since at least 2001 and have a fairly good reputation for all their services.  They don't seem to put a lot of information up on their site about the company itself, which is unfortunate, but since they are a larger company in this industry it is not hard to learn more about them if you want to.

They offer a wide range of hosting options to choose from as well as other features.  If you're looking for a good company that can help you with every aspect of your website, this is certainly one to consider.

Uptime & Reliability


Stable Hosting with Some Speed Issues

The company has been in business for a long time and has a very stable infrastructure in place.  They also use nice hardware, including some servers with solid state drives, to help ensure no outages.  Due to their lower prices and what seems to be overselling of some of their servers, however, they do have a reputation for slow load times on some of their packages.  For smaller sites, however, that is not always a concern.



Lots of Feature Options

NameCheap has a variety of great features to offer their customers.  First, they do all types of domain registration including traditional .com, .net, .org and others.  They also offer the new top level domains for companies that want to get those registred.  DNS is free and included and so is the transfer of domains to their service.

For hosting, they offer shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated servers.  In addition to that they provide private email hosting which can be helpful for some companies who don't want to manage it on their own.  They have a number of apps for things like eCommerce marketplaces and subscriptions too so you can set up your site in a way that works for you.



Good Technical Support

The technical support from NameCheap is quite good.  They are there 24/7 and you can get in touch with them quickly.  They have a live chat feature, a phone number and a normal ticketing system that you can use to contact them.  They also has a nice amount of documentation to help users understand their services better.



Low Prices

The prices offered by this company are quite compeditive, but there are some restrictions.  For example, the two entry level options for shared hosting are very cheap at $9.88 and $19.88 per year respectively.  You do have to pay annually for them though.  It is also important to note that this is only for the fist year.  After that, the price jumps significantly.  The value plan, which is the lowest, is $38.88 per year after the first year so this is a jump of almost 4 times!

When you get up to higher level packages the prices become more in line with what most other companies are providing.  They also let you start paying per month, which will be helpful given the higher price points.


Large Company with Lots of Options

Name Cheap is a well known hosting provider with a good history of service.  They do have some issues to be concerned with, but for many users the pros outweigh the cons.  They are also one of the better known domain registration services, so it may be nice to have all your hosting services combined into this one company.


  • Lots of Features
  • Larger Company
  • Options for shared, VPS, dedicated and more


  • Prices jump after first year
  • Some issues of slow load times
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Namecheap Pris, paket & funktioner - 2018

Delade webbhotellspaket

Paketnamn Diskutrymme Bandbredd Antal sajter Pris
20 GB Obegränsat Obegränsat 8 kr
50 GB Obegränsat Obegränsat 15 kr
Obegränsat Obegränsat Obegränsat 22 kr
20 GB 5 TB Obegränsat 175 kr


Paketnamn Diskutrymme CPU RAM OS Pris
15 GB 1 kärna 512 MB 175 kr
30 GB 1 kärna 1 GB 263 kr
60 GB 2 kärnor 2 GB 438 kr
100 GB 2 kärnor 3 GB 613 kr

Dedikerade serverpaket

Paketnamn Diskutrymme CPU RAM OS Pris
1000 GB 4 x 3.40GHz 8 GB 867 kr
2 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 16 GB 1 226 kr
480 GB 12 x 2.10GHz 32 GB 2 716 kr
960 GB 12 x 2.10GHz 64 GB 3 329 kr



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