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Albin Zerofour
Albin Zerofour från {{land}},

Hard to register and sketchy. But kinda... works??

I have tried to register a domain with Freenom many times before but it simply hasn´t worked. Either the page stopped responding, an error message appeared or something else. While I finally got my free .tk-domain that I use for r...Läs meredirects, it actually worked!

But then I saw that it sometimes redirected the user to a different website than mine. My website is for a restaurant, but the webpage Freenom sent me to when testing sometimes was not a Weebly site, it was some kind of foreign language media server? Remember, this is when using your domain for redirecting.

Pulled up my page again and after 1-2 months (with very little traffic though since my business hasn´t opened yet), and I actually got redirected to my website! Nothing has been taken down.

But I would not say that Freenom is a reliable host. It is very cheap, but the question is if it is even worth the price to pay for anything? I am currently using their free plan, and I´m not complaining about that because it is free. But still, not the best experience.

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