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Delat webbhotell 6,41 kr - 24,71 kr
Virtuella privata servrar 65,24 kr - 2 077,80 kr
Cloud Hosting 32,69 kr - 71,52 kr
Återförsäljare 91,39 kr - 261,36 kr

Data Centers

Ayush Sood

Sparad recension

Ayush Sood,
I was using a cloud hosting plan of a so called best indian hosting company, and everything about it sucked, their support, speed , performance, knowledge. These companies only pay the reviewers to a...Läs mercquire the customers and even I felt into that trap. Then luckily one day i heard about this hosting company i.e. sitecountry and I thought just another hosting company that provides cheap shared cloud hosting. But I was really fed up of my old hosting company. so i thought let me give it a try. If i don't like it ill ask for a refund. I bought the plan, they migrated my website, and I couldn't believe my eyes. It feels as if everything is loading as static cache. I was confused whether it is static cache which is loading blazing fast or its the dynamic content. I ran some test and I was shocked to know it was loading the dynamic content like a rocket. What a performance. Who needs a VPS. I highly recommend everyone to try out their services. You will not regret it. They provide object caching like redis, memcached and opcache on share public cloud, which is awesome, and that is one of the main factors why you load speeds go skyrocket. They also provided awesome support as well. Their support team was always there to help me. Hands down the best and cheapest hosting service of india. Must try.Dölj
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SiteCountry Pris, paket & funktioner - 2022

Delade webbhotellspaket

Paketnamn Diskutrymme Bandbredd Panel Antal sajter Pris Poäng
Public Cloud 10 GB Obegränsat cPanel 1 6,41 kr 5.0 Detaljer
Public Cloud 25 GB Obegränsat cPanel 3 10,33 kr 4.8 Detaljer
Public Cloud 50 GB Obegränsat cPanel Obegränsat 24,71 kr 5.0 Detaljer


Paketnamn Diskutrymme CPU RAM OS Pris Poäng
Bronze 40 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 1023 MB 65,24 kr 5.0 Detaljer
Silver 60 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 2 GB 130,61 kr 5.0 Detaljer
Gold 80 GB 2 x 2.40GHz 3.99 GB 248,28 kr 4.9 Detaljer
Platinum 160 GB 2 x 2.40GHz 7.83 GB 549,00 kr 5.0 Detaljer
Taaffeite 320 GB 4 x 2.40GHz 15.85 GB 1 061,65 kr 5.0 Detaljer
Emerald 640 GB 8 x 2.40GHz 31.5 GB 2 077,80 kr 5.0 Detaljer

Cloudtjänster paket

Paketnamn Diskutrymme CPU RAM Bandbredd Pris Poäng
Premium Cloud Lite 50 GB 4 x 3.80GHz 2 GB Obegränsat 32,69 kr 5.0 Detaljer
Premium Cloud Lite 75 GB 8 x 3.80GHz 4 GB Obegränsat 54,52 kr 5.0 Detaljer
Premium Cloud Lite 100 GB 12 x 3.80GHz 8 GB Obegränsat 71,52 kr 5.0 Detaljer


Paketnamn Diskutrymme Bandbredd Panel Pris Poäng
STARTUP 40 GB Obegränsat WHM 91,39 kr 5.0 Detaljer
GROWTH 80 GB Obegränsat WHM 130,61 kr 5.0 Detaljer
EXPAND 100 GB Obegränsat WHM 169,84 kr 5.0 Detaljer
ENTERPRISE 200 GB Obegränsat WHM 261,36 kr 5.0 Detaljer

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