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Dedikerade servrar 105 kr - 929 kr

Data Centers

Caleb Keg

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Caleb Keg,
I have been using WholesaleInternet for about a year now and I can't say too much bad about them. All the problems I had were handled with maturity and respect (like all should). The support was handl...Läs mered by about 10-20 different people around the clock making the support blazing fast having my questions answered within minutes. I have had a number of different servers, because I was going through a series upgrades because I needed more power, their prices are the cheapest I could find ANYWHERE. I currently have a plan with 32GB DDR3 Ram, Dual Opteron 6128 with 2.0GHz and 16 Cores with a nice 2TB HDD. All for $39 a month, I cannot complain. Once your server is up and running you have a choice of a number of different operating systems, all sorts of different Unix operating systems, and if you get a plan like mine you'll be able to run windows. After that is done, it will take about 45 minutes to have an amazing server running, with little to no issues. I have literally NEVER, over the year I have spent with these people, had a hardware issue, such as a hard drive. When I did have network issues, it was fixed within 5 minutes. Their support did a speed test and messed with a few wires, and tada, I have a gigabit port once again. These dedicated servers aren't over packed, because they each have their own server. So my server isn't the same as someone else's just with shared resources. Some hosts do that, to cut costs. WholesaleInternet, no. They use one of the oldest tricks in the book, go for more users and cheaper prices to make your pay day. I'm one of those users, I love WholesaleInternet and I hope to see you using one of their amazing servers.

Of course, all hosts have their catches, this one, very little. Their support only handles hard ware issues. Which is fine, if you need software support. There's more than enough helpful websites out there to give ya a hand.
When I say little to no problems, most of my problems (since I'm new to this) were user error. Very few times were the host responsible for the trouble I was having.

Check 'em out!
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Wholesale Internet Pris, paket & funktioner - 2023

Dedikerade serverpaket

Paketnamn Diskutrymme CPU RAM OS Pris Poäng
Intel Core2Duo Preconfigured 250 GB 2 x 1.60GHz 4 GB 105 kr 2.9 Detaljer
AMD 248 Preconfigured 250 GB 2 x 2.20GHz 4 GB 105 kr 2.2 Detaljer
Dual Xeon 5639 4TB Preconfig 3.91 TB 12 x 2.13GHz 32 GB 585 kr 1.5 Detaljer
Opteron 6234 Preconfigured 120 GB 12 x 2.66GHz 64 GB 929 kr 2.2 Detaljer

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